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Glen Highland Farm - 217 Pegg Rd - Morris, NY  13808

DONATE through your WILL or LIVING TRUST.... 

A gift to Glen Highland Farm through your will or living trust is a powerful statement of your support for the Farm's mission now and in the future and may also provide a reduction in your taxable estate. You can arrange a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, or even all or part of the residuary of your estate. Your attorney can easily draft appropriate language for your donation. Naming Glen Highland Farm as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy or retirement plan is another smart way to provide for the future of the Farm. Again, it may also benefit your heirs through avoidance of substantial income and estate taxes.

Retirement plan assets are among the best assets to use for charitable gifts. Upon your death, a portion of the unused balance in your account is transferred to the Farm as a charitable gift. When a retirement account is left to a charity, the organization does not pay the income tax otherwise due if left to a friend or non-spouse family member. To make such a gift requires merely completing a change of beneficiary form, which may be obtained from the plan administrator.

Glen Highland farm is a 501-c-3, not-for-profit organization as determined by the U.S. Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service. Our federal tax ID number is 16-1609670.  


Your well being health can affect your dog! We’re not talking about stress or what you eat here, we are talking about what might happen if you were to no longer be able to care for your dog(s). A tragic occurrence might leave your dogs with no one insuring their safety and well-being. 

While we hope this never happens, we know the reality firsthand from our experiences in rescue. Numerous dogs have guardians that die and the next of kin take the dogs to the pound, unable to care for them themselves. In fact, the four dogs we initially took in when we started rescue, were gorgeous purebreds, three sisters (ages 9) and their father, (age 10) all flown from Scotland to a loving home where they were adored until one fateful day. One moment changed their life forever. The guardian would have been devastated to see his beloved friends locked in a concrete kennel, dirty, scared and trembling. We’ve seen this happen over and over again.

So, what can you do if you are concerned no close family members will definitely care for your furry friend(s)? Here’s our suggestion and what we did...buy a life insurance policy with enough money, in the event of death, that could be willed with your dog(s). The rule of thumb we used was from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. They require $8000 with each dog willed to them in order to cover lifetime care.  Since they have been in operation for over twelve years and have a population of 600 dogs, we know they have a clue about costs. 

As an example, since we have 16 dogs and 3 cats in our own home, we have a policy of $250,000 and an agreement with various people named in our will who will take the dogs with the money and make sure they are loved and safe. This policy costs so little - about $200 a year - and yet insures no matter what the economy, their care is handled. We suggest you consider doing the same or something financially and in your will to protect your dogs. (and cats) Please understand that no matter how much your close family cares for your dog(s), it won’t mean they can take them in.

In the case of Glen Highland Farm dogs, we already have adopters who have provided for their care at the farm in the event of their death. The Canine Country Village is a part of the vision to handle these needs, ensuring a safe haven for the remainder of the rescued dog’s life. If you have questions or want to know more, please contact us.

No matter what you decide, please do something NOW. We meet too many dogs in need sitting in shelters facing death because of the death of their caring human who just forgot to act.

Contact the Farm rescue@glenhighlandfarm.com
Glen Highland Farm
217 Pegg Rd, Morris, NY  13808
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