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Glen Highland Farm is about to turn fifteen this spring of 2015…a significant moment to look back with pride and awe at what has been accomplished in the little town of Morris, NY, thanks to lots of love, hard work and your support. We are deeply touched that our personal vision grew to be shared collectively by so many others who care deeply about the Border Collies.  Almost 2500 dogs have found new lives, now safe from harm and happily sharing their joy with the people who love them.

The Connor House provided the special care and time needed for dogs that would have been otherwise lost in the shelter system and most likely, dead.  Hundreds of shelters throughout the northeast continually rely on the Farm to take this challenging breed, giving them space for others and preventing returns for improper adoptions.

Dogs are being surrendered by people directly to the Farm seeking safe haven rather than risk death in a shelter. The volume of dogs in need has been increasing and the Farm is the only facility able to respond to these growing numbers.

The numbers are especially increasing for older border collies in need.  The Farm House Sanctuary has provided the 'home' environment many of the older border collie are used to living in.  Every dog over 10 yrs old requires a minimum of $1500 in annual vet care, so your donation can also help a special senior living in the Farm House.

From my seat focused on Sweet Border Collie Rescue, here is what I have seen:

-Two hundred emails come in each week, most with news of dogs in trouble. As of this year, I will consider at least five dogs in need each day. Some cannot be helped at the Farm, for various reasons, but the others immediately go into an order, prioritized to save their lives .

-Due to the popularity of the breed (their looks, their intelligence, their commercial appeal) they are being bred without consideration of any genetic flaws and they are being placed in homes not suitable for the breed.  Years ago, a young dog might need to spend a few weeks at the rescue for rehab (or.. to find their "border collie balance") - now they are needing months.  GHF has the facility to give them the time they need.

-Unbeknownst to us, every year holds new challenges…. from capacity to vet care, we responded.  As an example, in the past few years:

  • In NJ, three breeders went out of business, one forced out by the SPCA for negligence.
    10 dogs needed a place to go. Almost overnight, we found safe haven for all of them. All sweet, but extremely under socialized, they needed a long stay at the Farm.
  • In PA, one backyard breeder turned to alcohol in tough times and his family asked for help from us. 16 dogs needed a place to go. We took them all into the Farm on short notice. Unaltered, flea-infested and loaded with worms, these sweet dogs clearly needed to recover from negligence. 6 of the five-week old pups were clearly at risk, having not been fed properly and carrying a parasite load that was starving them.
  • The Katrina disaster brought us 5 puppies who needed immediate safe haven. We responded instantly to making room for them, as well as a mother of another litter who was also heartworm positive.
  • Within one month, five supposedly healthy dogs tested positive for heartworm. Their six week constrained no-exercise regimen was critical to saving their lives. Without the Farm, the heartworm would have gone undetected and they would have died. Thankfully, we had just opened The Connor House.
  • Two surprises came our way with female dogs who turned out to unexpectedly be pregnant. Both were being surrendered to the Farm and neither guardian realized they were carrying a litter. The weekend before transporting one of them, she actually dropped her litter in a hole in the backyard. The frantic guardian told us to come get her, the father and the puppies immediately or they were going to a shelter right then. Dozens of puppies have been born through the safe haven of the Farm’s foster homes.
  • 46 border collies were taken off a NY property after being left outside in sub-zero temperatures with no human interaction for years and years.  Glen Highland Farm kept 30 of those dogs in our rescue program to find kind patient foster homes and eventually forever homes. 10's of $1000's of dollars in vet care was needed - and months and months of rehab.

Checks and Credit Cards Accepted           
Glen Highland Farm - 217 Pegg Rd - Morris, NY  13808


The Farm load of helping other dogs, one by one, continued, amidst these special pressures. We kept saying YES, we can help. Unneutered, unsprayed, matted, skinny dogs arrived each week abandoned at shelters. Beloved dogs were also given to us each week due to divorce or moves or problems with children. Brilliant young lively dogs were also turned over for too much energy, almost all under a year old, cast off as a wrong fit.

These remarkable dogs were each temperament tested, passing with flying colors. None deserved to die. They were all adoptable, wonderful Border Collies in the wrong place at the wrong time. Crated for 12 hours or more, chained out, dumped or yelled at, no longer wanted because they were Border Collies

In all of the cases mentioned, there was NO monetary support coming with the dog.  The only time money comes in with a dog is if a relinquisher wants to make a donation. Not all can or will but we always take their dog(s). We say YES, knowing the cost of care will be high and with fingers crossed, hoping that caring people would join in supporting the need.
Thankfully, that is what happened and thankfully, you continue to help.
Our adoption fee of $325 in no way covers what we tackle when taking each dog into rescue (kidney surgery, hip surgery, digestive issues, etc) Your ability to donate when you can, whatever you can, all adds up to help.

Thousands of people visit the Farm site and find they are renewed and inspired over and over again. They see first-hand the troubling plight of this breed and want to share in helping.
We need your help

Every time you are an Angel for a dog, that means we know their immediate care is covered.  Some dogs require extensive vet work, others do not so Angel money is critical to helping. We appreciate every donation because it helps us……

continue to say YES!!!

Checks and Credit Cards Accepted           
Glen Highland Farm - 217 Pegg Rd - Morris, NY  13808


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Glen Highland Farm
217 Pegg Rd, Morris, NY  13808
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