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YOU are making a difference
to the Border Collies at Glen Highland. 

They've lost their home and need us to help. Some require lots of time and emotional support to feel they belong again. Others need extensive medical care to bring them back into better health without pain.

Our commitment is to do whatever is needed for the happiness of each Border Collie that comes our way. 

You make this possible for them...

Paypal lets allows you to use either your Paypal account or another credit/debit card.

Donate for a specific purpose or dog
If would like your donation directed to a specific purpose or a specific dog, let us know at

Be a Border Collie Angel
Be an Angel to a dog with a $350 donation! This covers a 6 month period to help with general care that includes food, supplements, bedding and toys. Sometimes with higher vet costs, a dog will need more than one angel.

Every senior aged Border Collie undergoes full physical exams and diagnostics that include bloodwork, thyroid check, urinalysis and heartworm/lyme test. Xrays and ultrasounds are performed as needed for abdominal issues or to rule out cancer. Plus continued monitoring of their a dog's progress with any medical situation.

Make a recurring donation
You can also support the dogs with a recurring donation. To setup a recurring donation, please email us for more information at

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you for supporting Glen Highland Rescues!

New York State Registered Rescue No: RR100
EIN# 161609670


 substantial general donations are truly so helpful
with the costly care we provide for ALL the dogs!

Chatral Adze & Art Steinhauer
Beth Allegretto
Marylee Ashby
James Atwell & Anne Geddes
Samuel & Theresa Barrington
Dan & Donna Barski
Jason & Beth Bauer
Jeff & Tracy Beck
Kingsley Beck
Cathy & Steve Bouck
Jeanie Burton
Laurence Cable
Sue & Al Campion
Brad Carso
Ryan & Sonia Chapin
Karen Claxton
Emma Clute
Judith Colvin
Marc & Kathy Dattoma
David & Jennifer Datush
Susan & Barry DiCriscio
PJ Doherty
Carolyn & Dick Dumaresq
Anne & Travis Engen
Barbara & David Erskine
Karen Racz & Terry Estes
Sandy & Mike Fazio
Bob Fitzpatrick
Nancy Frakes
Danny & Lori Frieden
Keri Gardner
Alan Gibson & Pat Creel
Peter & Renate Goodloe
The Grabe Family Foundation
Carlo & Joanna Grossman
Larry Hamann
John Hamble
Kym Hance & Louis Alfieri
John & Lydia Henshaw
Joyce Hetser
Mike & Kathy Hoar
Jim & Karen Hormel
Linda Hotchkiss
Nancy Hunt
Eve Ehrlich & Steve Jensen
Lois & Bob Kessler
Bob Kuehne
Marian Knapton
Bernie LaRoche
Marty Levy & Lorraine Kuhn
Jeffrey Lovinger

Jim & Maryellen Mayer
Dory Mayo
Mike & Nina Marciniszyn
Jeff McGuire
Karen & Ryan McHale
David Meeker
Matthew & Lesley Mole
Jay Monitz
Steven & Andrea Morgan- Vandome
Esther & Andrew Morrow
Brian & Amy O’Malley
Susan & John O'Neil
Mike Opalinski
Denise Otten
Bruce Patton & Diana Smith
Susan Paterson
Susan Pechman
Rebecca Plantz
Fred & Natalie Polvere
Sandra Radebaugh
Rita Rice
Mary Rulison
Charlie & Cheryl Russ
Dale & Doug Rutherford
Ron & Linda Salmon
Susan Sechler
Cheryl Sedestrom
Phyllis Granoff & Koichi Shinohara
Howard Shore & Elizabeth Cotnoir
Norton & Sandy Sloan
Carden & Jennifer Smith
Harton Smith & Mary Bandura
Rachael Sokolowski & Amanda Reed
Bill & Karen Stoedter
Peter & Stephanie Stezik
Susan & Bob Strange
Jane & David Stover
Dennis & Cynthia Tice
Nancy Toothaker
Scott Trapp
Manda Tweten
William & Paula VandeVenter
Stacey & John Van Slyke
Judy Novak & Robert Verboski
Nancy & Greg Vorbach
Sarah Hoger & Glenn Watson
Leslie Wehr
Pat & Chuck Wheeler
Amy Whiteluke
Laura Wingrove
Julie Wolf

who kindly help ALL the dogs at GHF on an ongoing basis. 
We are deeply grateful to you all.

Pamela Adsit
Dave & Diane Behlen
Dylan Behlen
Dominick Berhow
Shannon Blydenburgh
Kim & Steve Brant
Sam Bristol
Betty & Tom Bunch
Elizabeth Callahan
Joanne Cook
Peter Cowan & Kathy Mario
Peter Curran
Eileen & Denis Byrne
Steph & Jim DeBottis
Joseph Depirri
Wendy Donoghue
Linda Dragoo
Karen Edwards
Christina Elias
Rolayne & Gary Fickes
Robyn Fontaine
Laurent Gaudry & Elena Shifflette
Bill Gebert
Kimberly Grike
Karen & Wayne Groteke
Arabella & Roger Holzapfel
Mary Huber
Janet James
Marian Knapton
Mimi Lieber
Kathy Long
Katherine Malley
Nina & Mike Marciniszyn

John Marcus
Jack McCleland
Ellen McDonald
Lisa & Marty Meade
Jim & Kathy Milavec
Carol Miller
Kathy & Greg Molatch
Sandra Nicholson
Zoraida & Martin O'Brien
Jennifer Parker & Ken Erickson
Vidya Rajan & Stephen Streatfield
Michael Risk
Jim & LeAnn Russell
Jim & Pam Sacks
Annika Sandback
Laura Schneider
Katherine Silta
Stacey & John Simon
Chuck & Terri Smith
Kurt & Carrie Smith
John Sterling
David Sublette
Rebecca Symmes
LaVonne Szafranski
Robert & Mary Tripp
Tory Van Reenen
Lisa Vaughn
Jeri Wachter
Su Walenta Hunt
Don & Sandy White
Linda Wood
Lynda Yoder
Bonnie & John Yurga