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Glen Highland Farm - 217 Pegg Rd - Morris, NY  13808

The CONNOR FUND was created to ask for help for dogs with special needs who needed extended time at the Farm in order to be ready for new lives - 
we needed a facility for long-term care. One dog inspired this need....    

Connor came to the Farm 3 mos after being hit by a car.  His hips were crushed and his guardians had a vet perform some surgery that should have had him walking normally....  but after 3 mos, he still wasn't using his back leg.  After arriving at the Farm, further evaluation indicated that the pins in his leg had broken - and a piece of the pin was floating around in his abdomen. Connor must have been in constant pain - but only offered slurpy kisses to anyone that wanted one.  

We took him into rescue, rushed him in for a hip operation where a plate would go into his leg and then were challenged by a serious virus that almost killed him. Connor needed critical care and healing time at the Farm. 

After being stabbed, hit by a car, multiple surgeries, being sent from his home - he still only knows love, trust, and forgiveness.  He DESERVED his chance at a great life - he has given hundreds of people a smile to take with them and shares his heart with anyone that wants to sit or play with him. 

Since then,  we have had many dogs in need, dogs that also deserved their chance at a great life and needing safe haven in rescue.....  we obviously needed to expand to accommodate their special needs. A new building was critical to helping these dogs.   

Thanks to the generosity of caring people, The CONNOR FUND raised enough money for us to be able to build a rehab/recovery facility and caretaker residence so we can now house special needs Border Collies. We also had a special donor offer to underwrite the cost of a staff canine caretaker which is sorely needed, especially for 24/7 recovery dogs.

Now, The CONNOR FUND needs on-going operational funds to support the care for the dogs themselves. Whether it be car accidents leaving crippled dogs with no one to help, dogs neglected without proper care that require help from others, puppies that need to be quarantined and special monitoring, or  the dogs with emotional scars that need some extra TLC.......   we cannot carry the load alone.

Here is what happens when special needs dogs come to the Farm....

-Bloodwork must be done to detect organ damage or compromised health problems: 
a minimum of $70-$150.....
-surgery for hips, cysts, tumors, etc: a minimum of $300 and up...
-special diets to build protein or prevent weight loss: a minimum of $30 a week....
-multiple x-rays to assess damage for a course of action: a minimum of $100...
-antibiotic treatments: a minimum of $50...
-skin conditions need assessment and treatment to restore health: a minimum of $100
-physical therapy or homeopathic treatments (acupuncture, chiropractor, remedies): a minimum of $200 a consult...

the list goes on and on - reaching for tools to help special needs dogs. Of course,
we face basic costs for bedding, bones & biscuits, toys, quality food, vitamin supplements, frontline, heart worm preventative, worming medicine, etc, etc, etc.

Please consider supporting The CONNOR FUND so we are prepared for special situations.

Please support this effort....we know the dogs are asking for our help, all our help.

Each and every dollar goes directly to the dogs... please help us

(credit card donations - click here)

As I sat on the dog friendly couch at The Connor House while our caretaker was on vacation and I looked at dogs who are currently living this miracle. The stories of each dog you are about to meet will break your heart and if you could join me on that sofa to see their gentle eyes gazing at mine in trust, as they rest in comfort for the first time, you would know the real miracle of the Farm. There will be a happy ending to their journey. Though it started with such ugly neglect, hey are at peace here in this simple house designed to give them the time they need. No threat of euthanasia, no threat of the wrong home or pressures placed on them too soon. They are given the well needed and deserving time to catch up for what they were never given, catch up for what was so wrongly taken from them and catch up on feeling the real truth that people are loving. I am deeply humbled by what we have created at the Farm and what you have agreed to support. For the four dogs you are about to meet, they send their hearts of thanks to you.
Meet WES: left outside in a kennel with 17 other dogs, 24 hours a day, hot or cold, he fended for himself for food, for warmth, for any sense of safety. He lived this way for at least eight months before the SPCA confiscated all the dogs. A caring neighbor made the difference. It was her report of the owner hosing down the dogs in subzero temperature that led to the legal right to take them. A terrified young dog, Wes bravely inched step by step to people, with a gentle lick and nervous gesture to run, he would stay longer and longer, eventually craving human touch.
Wes blossomed into a trusting boy, who thrives with humans. He now trusts that sitting next to someone is a wonderful experience. In return, he gives the fullest love and acceptance now able to trust it will be returned. Wes found his forever home this fall, gently nudging his way into the hearts of two people who fell in love instantly. It took him over a year to be ready but only a few minutes to take the next step.
Meet ZOEY – her life began in a dark basement where she lived in a corner as a puppy for sale. No one spent time with her, no one invested any speck of heartfelt emotion. She was born in darkness, ready to be sold as a beautiful Border Collie for $250. Zoey has been in rescue for almost a year at The Connor House. She has discovered that it feels good to lay on a couch and have warm sunlight on her as she naps. She still charges at lightning speed from outside to inside, seeing safety by running as fast as she can.
 The blow of ignorance dealt to her is devastating. She cannot stand upright and walk up to anyone, even our caretaker who she has lived with for one year. If she were to escape the fenced yard, she would disappear into hiding. Yet, her eyes have softened and she joyfully plays with all the dogs. She is making progress in small measured steps. She comes to her name now. She even jumps up in bed now…a celebration to all of us watching and waiting for her to learn that humans can be good. What could be a bigger step than sleeping next to a human. And now, she will be taking the biggest step…to her new life. A kindhearted adopter felt drawn to Zoey and has rearranged her home and yard to safely care for her, forever. She knows the challenges will be great but she is patient and willing to give her heart to Zoey, sharing in the slightest steps forward, albeit a very slow go. Zoey leaves the Farm the end of January, bravely about to face all things new.
Meet LUCE: a six year old girl, beautiful Luce spent life in a dark filled horse barn where she was used for breeding. Litter after litter, she instinctively did what she could for her puppies. Little effort was given to her development. She had never gone in a house, in a car or on grass outside. Months after being in The Connor House, she still didn’t know how to use her back legs to jump up. Her life had been all for someone else’s monetary benefit, nothing given to her for her own joy of being a dog.
The great news is that Luce’s gentle trusting nature is intact. She gazes at you, asking for a way to be touched, deciding how close to come forward. Luce made great progress in this nurturing environment without the pressures to be normal. Whatever she wanted to do was fine and encouraged. She happily began sleeping on the bed, following our caretaker around like a shadow. She likes having her ears scratched and rests her head on your leg. Trusting step by step led to the ultimate step….a wonderful adopter fell in love with her and is now helping her grow further. Luce is now in hands that will lovingly guide her toward greater trust.
Within the walls of The Connor House, there are lives in transition. Each dog would be cast aside in a shelter, dead or left in terror, adopted into the wrong situation. The world gives pitiful examples of deeply disturbing situations and we live that pain each day watching the dogs pay the price. But the joy in the big victories of little steps is astonishing.
Knowing that the heartfelt passion of helping creates a real chance for new lives, spurs me forward. I believe it is our return to kindness that will lift us all out of pain and it is clearly apparent to me that the dogs we meet at the Farm are worth moving mountains to help. We need each of you who care to continue caring so we can continue to say YES to dogs in need.

Contact the Farm rescue@glenhighlandfarm.com
Glen Highland Farm
217 Pegg Rd, Morris, NY  13808
Phone: (607)263-5415  Fax:  (607)263-5325