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It’s time for a vacation...why leave your dog at home? Go together for a doggie break in the country! For one week, our farm is your farm! 
Enjoy Canine Country Camp at Glen Highland Farm in Morris, NY! 
All breeds are invited!! 
It’s a true escape to freedom for you and your dog into a world where dogs happily and safely run free like they love to do most!

Please book early, many people are returning again for another summer  
-so spots are already filling!!


“It’s doggie Disneyland” 

“It’s a small piece of heaven” 

“Unbelievable! Fantastic!"

"Must Do!!...Must Return”! 

“A way to get lost, forget about your job and all the stress of everyday life. Enjoy the countryside and just let go with your dog. 
A world out of a dream!”

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Escape to the country for an adventure vacation with your dog! 175 acres of gorgeous trails through quiet hemlock forests; winding along side a babbling stream and around a huge spring fed pond...throw sticks for your dog, let your dog cool off with a quick swim or just soak in the sun while your dog plays with other camp dogs....
it's a dog lover’s paradise and it’s all yours for a week! 
Map of the Farm

Your dog can run freely off leash through private trails, meadows, fields and forests and even better, can play everywhere on the farm off’s doggie freedom like no other place you go!

This land was once home to the Iroquois Indians who lived near the beautiful Butternut Creek, a huge curvy stream filled with trout, abundant wildlife, endangered butterflies and birds, providing a life source for the entire valley.


The trails and environment couldn’t be any more perfect."

"The trails are easy to travel but the beauty of the land hasn’t been disturbed.” 


“The place is absolutely gorgeous.” 

“Everything is breathtaking...
we couldn’t get enough.”


More people than ever before in history have dogs in their lives. Dogs are everywhere and join in almost everything we do. The days of master/servant interactions have been fortunately replaced by caring people who want a real relationship with their furry FRIEND. 
That’s what CANINE COUNTRY CAMP  is all about.

A dog is a true companion offering unconditional love and friendship regardless of whatever day to day situations arise. At the Farm, we maximize that relationship by offering a vacation experience that allows dogs to be dogs, truly able to race around, making up doggie games and natural interactions which include uninhibited playtime. We feel strongly about the uniqueness of this environment to offer a safe place for you to enjoy your dog’s real nature as well as learn about dog to dog interactions. Our off-leash approach is not like other camp settings where dogs are always required to be perfect and obedient, well controlled on leash. We just don’t believe that kind of stiffness is a vacation for anyone, especially a dog. The main play area (approx 5 acres) is securely fenced so even dogs not so good off leash can safely have a blast racing around with other dogs, making up doggie games! And, in unfenced areas, it’s unlimited running and fun with 170 acres of trails, 
meadows and swimming...a doggie paradise!

We encourage you to open up your horizons by discovering the language of dogs. Coming to Camp means you can safely let go of that leash and enjoy your dog off leash as well as learn to let go of worrying about problems that are really not problems. Dogs love being with other dogs! Almost all campers are stunned by how the dogs easily co-exist which is of course an amazing thing to witness firsthand. 

What you will experience day in and day out is a group of 20 - 30 dogs playing, playing, playing and negotiating with toys, amidst the clear signals of the pack rules, which dogs completely understand and desire. We have never had any aggression that warranted worry at the Camp. So, all that is required is that you open up to trusting your dog and what the true nature of dog can be. 

The majority of dogs in attendance are border collies, which by nature, are not an aggressive breed, so the likelihood of problems is very minimal. If there are any real concerns, we will provide a solution and of course, put no dog or human at risk at any time

The goal is freedom for your dog and joy. 
That’s what an off-leash vacation offers.
People find this experience to be an amazing change to be with relaxed, happy dogs.
And, of course, the dogs sleep for a week when they return home, satisfied with so much mental, physical and emotional stimulation...they are happy dogs!

“My dogs are relaxed, happy, dead tired, free and have learned to live with and interact with others - both human and canine.” 

“I learned that my dog really can be trusted and does have skills I didn’t think he had.” 

“My dogs are already highly socialized but this added a new dimension of freedom to their opportunities to interact with large numbers of dogs and people.” 

“This is one of the best things you could do if you love your dog.”

In addition to experiencing the freedom of play, the Camp is designed to open your heart to a closer relationship with the canine spirit. We believe that dogs are teachers of the heart, helping us to find a kinder way of being and a more honest expression of love. Camp sessions offer a spiritual connection to your dog way beyond learning tricks or obedience or any behavioral work. 

There is an opportunity here to learn something much more profound...all that is required is an openness to the land and nature and the honesty and energy of the dogs. You can leave your human rules at home and discover the benefits of deepening your canine relationship which has no rules, except the overriding one of love. 
Many campers find this spiritual part of camp to be the most rewarding.

“I feel so close to my dogs”. 


“I’m taking home more of me and more of my dog. I’m taking home insight, more confidence and strength.” 


“Words could not describe the atmosphere of this place. You need to experience the sense of peace, serenity and tranquility first hand. You also need to experience its’ total beauty and the richness and depths of the intellectual and spiritual ideas discussed here”.


Vacationing at the farm with your dog and with everyone else’s dogs is a blast. There will be only 30-35 other guests here, so the personalized attention during the day at all the sports and speaker sessions is incredible. There are no long lines, no waiting to be helped with anything. You are the focus here. 

Because the nature of the farm is so diverse, many people take trail walks throughout the day so at any given time, you’ll generally see 10 people in whatever activity you attend. We want the Farm to feel like yours, so personal attention is key.

"I was surprised by the intimate feel of having such a small group. It was great to have the dogs off leash and to get one on one instruction from the teachers."


If you’re tired of leashing your dog everywhere you go or worrying about hikes in state parks populated by other non-dog people you meet on trails, 
let those worries float away. 

At Glen Highland Farm, everyone here is vacationing just like you and they are all ‘dog people’, happy to help work through any dog to people concerns or dog to dog worries. You are vacationing with kindred spirits who sincerely care about dogs. So, whether your dog is shy or boisterous, we’re happy to have you vacation at the farm.

Doggie play is all delight here at the farm... you won’t stop smiling as you watch your dog and others endlessly racing around for frisbees; chasing each other in spontaneous doggie games; exploring the real outdoors trails and creeks where sniffing impulses are highly rewarded...  it’s a candy store of continuous fun for your dog to happily play. 

And, of course, you share in all that joy by being there side by side engaged in off-leash time. No worries or concerns, you can join in for a week of play, play, play.

"What surprised me the most was the ability to let go of everything from home and just enjoy myself with others who have such keen love for their dogs as I do." 

Rescue dogs

There are numerous dogs at the Farm in Sweet Border Collie Rescue, waiting for their forever homes. At any given time, you will see and hear about 20 dogs who play in fenced paddock areas and live in our Rescue Barn. Their stories are detailed on our site and you are welcome to meet them and if you like, take them for walks or even have them sleep in your tent. Sometimes people like to share their love with other dogs that don’t yet have that special person caring for them. We welcome your interest in the Rescue Dogs. In fact, sometimes adoptions happen during camp, 
or become a Border Collie Angel, sponsoring a dog! 
We love sharing the dogs, their stories and our work to help them.

The "GHF Pack" dogs

Other rescue dogs are on the farm, too. They are rescues who now live with us in our home, also on the farm. You will meet them every day since they live in the outdoor open area surrounding the Barn where meals, speaker sessions and other activities happen. All our dogs are exceptionally well socialized since they meet so many people and other dogs and in fact, are great teachers for visiting dogs, offering a stable influence. Our dogs know the drill at the farm and fit in beautifully playing and enjoying visiting dogs. There are 18 family dogs so you can expect to meet them all!

"I also love the rescue dogs and the resident dogs being so happy and free. 
There is such positive energy there for dogs and people alike.  They are on an equal plane here and that is how I treat my dogs but it’s so hard to find.. 
Thank you for a very special experience at a very beautiful place. 
See you next year!"


While your dog is content to enjoy a real doggie place, you get to turn your attention to uncovering new areas of interest. Being a fur guardian always has some challenges, so your farm vacation includes meeting marvelous instructors who share their expertise on dogs. We have the most noted teachers at the Farm all available to work one-on-one with you and your dog. 

Unlike most class obedience situations where you are in a large group in an artificial setting, meeting once a week, your vacation time at the Farm works quite differently. You can be learning all the time. You get to see dogs being dogs and grow to understand what motivates your dog more clearly and how you can have a better relationship than you may have thought possible! 

It’s so rare to have highly skilled teachers at your disposal 24/7 plus there’s never any rush at the Farm...if you want to attend a class or skip it, it’s all fine. No matter what, it’s your vacation so you can create the week the way you want it.

Many people want to try new things with their dog like agility, herding, tracking, flyball or frisbee so sports are offered every day. 

Most campers find that the cumulative impact of doing a sport day after day has great results and even clarifies direction on what to pursue upon returning home. 

Plus, you have access to the top people in each of these fields so for those who want to improve their dog’s performance, this week is the time to gain that edge!

(Instructors for each week, along with their bios are listed on the 
registration page)

And, the world of dogs has even more to offer us two-legged creatures who want to learn. Animal communication, tellington touch, energy balancing, doggie massage, homeopathic care and much more are available during the week with guest speakers who share their knowledge and experiences. And, they give you hands-on experience whenever possible. 

It’s a rare situation to have access to such noteworthy people in an open setting where questions are welcome. 

The sessions each day are a fun break from outdoor activities and a way to stimulate your mind with new ideas!


We are so thrilled to have one of the noted pioneers of animal communication - 
Dawn Hayman
- teaching at each of the camps this summer....

She is an outstanding speaker with tremendous wisdom and understanding of dogs and people and relationships. 

Everyone who has ever heard her at 
is mesmerized and finds her information 
to be invaluable.

She will be teaching each of the camps this summer so please join us for a very memorable summer vacation with your dog(s)!!
(click here for camp info and registration)

Now, even more fun at Canine Country Camp!

We will offer tracking every week, as well as canine water sports and freestyle. 

-Tracking is a marvelous sport where handler and dog work to scent and search through fields, finding hidden items. Dogs absolutely love it and so do their guardians.   

-Freestyle is an inventive new way
 to build a relationship based on 
tons of fun! Think of it like dancing with your dog!   
(Diane Kowalski pictured- 
courtesy of Steve Surfman)

-Water sports are truly a blast giving handler and dog a chance to really enjoy the water including retrieval, towing and targeting!  
(photo courtesy of Deborah Lee Miller) 

"It’s a place you can gain incredible knowledge and also have a lot of fun.” 

“Camp improved my relationship with my dog”.

The teachers were outstanding, top notch”. 

“All were superb” 


Your adventure at the farm is for campers and non-campers alike. 
It’s a luxury camping experience. Magnificent tent sites are situated in private spots in the forest and creekside and most importantly, you sleep on comfy Swedish cots off the ground with tents on platforms, making your stay a restful and comfortable one.  Each spacious tent fits two people and two dogs easily with large zippered windows and a screened porch for good airflow. Every tent site has an outdoor lantern for nighttime light as well as fresh water for you and your dog each day, 
brought right to your door.  Every little comfort is added to make this camping experience easy, even a storage shelf is in each tent for personal items. Plus, nearby flushing toilets make it easy to handle personal matters in the great outdoors. And our shower facilities are only moments away. Each tiled shower is private with it’s own changing room plus a separate vanity.

Most campers say this is the cushiest camping they’ve ever done and non-campers find it surprisingly comfortable and convenient. Plus, everyone enjoys having access to all on-site activities day and night, from sunrise breakfasts and herding to evening talks and campfires!

There are 13 campsites available so please reserve early. Your tent is an L.L. Bean 12 x 12, 6’ 5” in height.

You can also bring your own tent and enjoy the comfort of camping with gear you already know. The same private forest or creek settings are provided, along with water and a lantern. Your tent area is cleared so it’s easy to set up on the ground.


We're happy to announce that we now offer the comfort of rustic cabins at CANINE COUNTRY CAMP! There are two cozy cabins available on The Ridge nestled in the woods, near the kid's camp, a short walk from the agility field and activity barn. Each cabin provides plenty of room for two people plus their dog or one person with multiple dogs or for anyone who wants to enjoy the cabin fully for themselves and their beloved canine companion.  And, two comfy cottages at the foot of The Ridge - with enough room to sleep 3-4 people with their dogs

We provide twin beds, reading lights, storage shelves, and chairs. Plus, the views from the windows are gorgeous, even in the winter! And, just like the campsites, there will be fresh water each day for you and your dog as well as a lit lantern at night to make your stay even more comfortable. 
Plus, private showers and flushing toilets are only a few feet away. All you need to bring is your linens and pillow! 

The cost is only $125-$110 per night for this comfy wilderness vacation with your furry friend. If the cabins are your first choice, please contact us immediately since space is limited. 


There are 11 RV hookups for use at the Farm, situated in a gorgeous 30 acre meadow, almost like having a private park just for RV’s. Only moments and a short walk from the main activity area, RV campers have the luxury of a rolling home complete with beds, kitchens, air conditioning and of course their own bathroom. 

Campers can bring their own RV or contact us to rent one.  Each are 30-35 ft. trailers with full kitchen, full bath, sitting area, double beds, closets, tv (VCR only), stereo,  micro-wave, full electric, awnings 

We regularly book the rental RV’s for every camp so please reserve early. 
RV space fills quickly so book soon.

Contact us directly for rental RV booking: $500 deposit required; balance 30 days before camp.


The Butternut Lodge is located right in the village of Morris, about 2 miles from GHF. There are four bedrooms, with shared full baths, kitchen, dining and living room areas and a sundeck porch. The kitchen is stocked with dishes and cooking utensils if you wish to cook meals for yourself apart from those offered at the camp. Contact Matt Meyers at 607-263-2580 or email (click here for pictures and rates)

Some "Dog Friendly" local hotels:
Super 8 Motel 607-432-9505 rates range from $80 - $120/night
Holiday Inn 800-465-4329 rates range from $129/night and up
Howard Johnson 607-334-2200 rates range from $90 and up/ night

"Accommodations in clean, airy tents with comfortable swedish cots on platforms along the creek, on a ridge overlooking the river and in the forest."


"The energy of the place defies description!"


"I was blown away by how beautiful the trails were and the campsites were really great, private, shady and not too buggy."

lockers, kitchen, massages

LOCKERS: You can rent a locker for holding items during the day. Some people find it’s easier than returning to the tent plus they feel more prepared with all that they need nearby without having to carry anything extra.

DOGGIE KITCHEN: Most campers enjoy preparing special meals for their dogs so you have access to the Doggie Kitchen. It’s a full kitchen complete with refrigerator, microwave, blender, sink and dishwasher plus it’s dog proof with a closing dutch door to prevent dog to dog food related problems! You can store any perishable items, including beer and wine (humans only!) in the kitchen, too.

HUMAN MASSAGE!: A very special place exists at the farm called Willow Run, set alongside the Butternut Creek and a stunning large, draping willow tree. The sounds of the creek fill your ears as well as birds and soft winds as you enjoy a human massage. An incredible place to relax and feel renewed, a trained masseuse is booked just for you in this scenic spot. A changing room is at the site, too. 

Every camper has just loved this experience of being in a private spot yet in the outdoors to make this massage like no other anywhere! 

"When I need a moment to de-stress or unwind, I think back to the farm, our afternoon walks, doggie swims and napping at the campsite. 
There’s no greater feeling of relaxation and joy!"


Delicious catered food will include organic vegetarian dishes as well as humanely raised grain-fed poultry and beef. At GHF, we honor dogs as well as all animals by offering food choices that do not encourage factory farming or cruel processing methods.  If you're interested in a meal away from the camp,  there are restaurants moments away in Morris or Oneonta and we’d be happy to suggest where to go.

There is no cooking at tent sites due to fire hazards.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in our Barn, a remarkable 100 year old restored wooden barn complete with stunning high ceilings, natural wood throughout and space for up to 100 people! An architectural wonder, there is a separate eating area and serving area as well as our teaching area, complete with comfy couches for relaxing. Snacks and beverages are available throughout the day.

“I am totally surprised that the food was so good and satisfying”. 

“It’s #1 Great, don’t change it.!!” 

“I loved the food - excellent!” 

"The food was great!”


Visit our registration page for more details of your arrival, teacher bios, pricing 
and a registration form.  Take advantage of the "Early Bird discounts" 
and contact us directly for any other questions you may have.  
We look forward to seeing you at camp!!


Contact the Farm
Glen Highland Farm
217 Pegg Rd, Morris, NY  13808
Phone: (607)263-5415  Fax:  (607)263-5325