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The rescue experience is a tough transition for any dog, especially those who are older. They loose their home, the routine they know, the smells and sights that make sense and the people that have been with them for years. This is a tough situation for any Border Collie especially given that this breed is thoughtful and sensitive and works so hard to understand the world around them. And, even more-so, they bond so tightly with their person.

However, THEY MUST HAVE A NEW LIFE, for whatever reason and HELP to get there…that is what we do, together. If you become their ANGEL, it is not just money that you are sending to us. We believe that your energy and open hearted caring comes through energetically TO THEM. The feeling of someone watching their progress, rooting for them to do well and be happy, all matters! Whether they ultimately find a new home or stay in The Sanctuary at GHF, either way, they are alive and flourishing.

BRADLEY age 13, horrible skin condition; backend pain problems

BRADLEY age 14, healed & much happier

Most of the Border Collies arriving at GHF need medical care and time to renew their health to a better state. While the majority of the dogs have been living in homes prior to rescue, often financial situations have prevented appropriate oversight or an elderly guardian has forgotten care altogether. The dogs are in serious need of help. Costs can be unexpected expenses for GHF to handle so knowing each dog
has an Angel assures some funds are available FOR THEM.

We estimate $350 for a 6 month period will help with general care - food, supplements, bedding, toys - and sometimes based on higher vet costs, a dog will need more than one angel. Every senior aged Border Collie undergoes full diagnostics: bloodwork; thyroid check; urinalysis; heartworm/lyme test; xrays as needed and often, more such as ultrasounds for abdominal issues or chest xrays to rule out cancer; whatever they need is done to determine the best health approach.

BETSIE age 11,  no veterinary care whatsoever

BETSIE  age 13, vibrant, her medical needs handled:
 extractions; lyme treatment; pain relief

Please help us help them!….
Angels can be handled by a monthly donation, too!


Send a check for $350.00 (please include the dog's name you wish to angel) to:

Glen Highland Farm
217 Pegg Road
Morris, NY  13808

Or click here to pay online!