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MILO needs an Angel - click here for more info
Milo Summary:
bc friend required
 - fenced yard required
 - dog savvy cats OK
 - bc savvy guardian needed


Special thanks to Jeff Beck for transporting Milo to GHF

MILO: An 1 yr old Border Collie, Milo has really blossomed and is enjoying the bigger life he now has, with other canine herding friends and people who understand him. He is learning quickly how to think about all the fun he can have and really benefit from a female BC buddy as a his mentor dog. Milo will need BC savvy guardians who can continue guiding him step by step through new situations successfully. Most of his worries are diminished now but some new things may throw him so being ready with toys and treats to help him feel secure, is important. He now loves to say hello to people and expects to have a great toy game with everyone he meets, a classic BC focus! Milo started a bit behind having been left in the garage all alone in his previous situation. Fortunately, a dog lover stepped in to get him out of there and into rescue. Milo is about 35 pounds and good with dog savvy cats. He requires a fenced yard

RUDY needs an Angel - click here for more info
Rudy Summary:
 - canine friend required
 - dog savvy cats
 - rural setting
 - fenced yard required


RUDY: An 1 yr old Border Collie/Aussie, Rudy is all joyful fun, energy and enthusiasm for life! He is one happy boy with the desire to play, play, play. He loves other young herding dogs and plays endlessly, making up herding chase games that are really fun to see. He is a sweet boy who loves attention as much as he loves action. So, while you’re tossing his toys, he’s happy to have a quick cuddle, too. Rudy will be happiest with a canine pal and a guardian who is around a lot so he is not stuck inside all day. He would be a wonderful hiking partner. Eager to please and smart as can be, Rudy is a delightful young BC mix who bonds quickly and loyally. Rudy does have a strong habit of barking at novel things - sounds, people, dogs - whatever catches his attention so he will do better with less stimulation around, in a more rural setting. A savvy guardian can work on this behavior and likely improve it, but it seems to be part of his true nature. He is about 40 pounds and is good with dog savvy cats. He was originally placed as a puppy in a home where the guardian worked and he was crated more than he could handle so he returned to GHF.  He requires a fenced yard.

Martie Summary:
 - fenced yard required
 - NO cats


A very special thanks to Sue Myers who drove an incredibly long distance to get Martie to safety.

We have some videos of Martie - he's such a fun dog - loves his toys!

Martie and the Jolly Ball
Martie loves toys
Martie learning obedience
Martie with a toy

Martie's Angel
Alice Reath
MARTIE: A 2 year old Border Collie mix, Martie is a character through and through. He loves his toys, entertaining himself with anything that rolls or tosses into the air. He also really loves to explore the fields at GHF, taking in all the sights, sounds and smells, happy to be alive. Martie is extremely outgoing and loves to say "Hi" to people, full of energy and play. He is a pretty bold fellow, confident and engaged, a large personality. He came to GHF from Virginia where his time was up when dog lovers reached out for help. He is about 45 pounds and is not good with cats. We did a DNA test on Martie and he’s part boxer and husky! He requires a fenced yard

Gus Summary:
solo dog

 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - NO cats



Gus' Angels
Stewart & Brenda Beck
GUS: A 3 year old Border Collie, Gus is a powerhouse BC, with tons of energy and plenty of drive to do what he wants. He is a friendly guy who loves attention but most of all, he needs a real task to carry out, like lots of toy play. Gus excels at learning and is exuberant about toys. A mentally smart boy, he will need a seasoned BC person who understands that this boy will make up his own work unless stimulated properly. Gus is a great BC, in the right hands. Loving, affectionate and eager to please, he is also extremely responsive to someone who is teaching him new activities. He is not good with other dogs and is not good with cats. He came to GHF from a NY farm where he was allowed to work sheep, on his own. The elderly guardians could not manage him or the other BC, both surrendered to GHF. Gus will only be placed in a fenced yard with a BC savvy adopter. He is 50 pounds, a bit larger than the standard size. He requires a fenced yard

Special thanks to Mary Beggs & Jeff Beck who transported Gus safely to GHF

Farris Summary:
 - canine friend or solo dog
 - fenced yard required
 - NO cats


Special thanks MaryGrace Lacoste, Dennis & Sandy Sprole, Bob Farley & Mary Jean Byrne-Maisto for making sure Farris could find safe haven at GHF. Thanks too to Jane Locacio for putting it all together
Farris' Angels
-Michael Opalinski
FARRIS: A 3 year old Border Collie, Farris is a gorgeous guy with a big personality that matches his size! He loves to play with toys, balls or frisbees, quite enthusiastic for a good game. He loves attention with anyone who comes to say hello and can be over excited at times to be in the spotlight. A super sweet, eager to please boy, he is all joy, joy, joy. The more attention, the better! He’s also quite a herder with other dogs so would do best with a canine pal his height so they could more easily play. Farris listens well to female BC’s who tell him about the rules of their space and seems compatible with male dogs, too but a smaller herding dog would be a bit overwhelmed by him. His history was not so good being abandoned 24/7 on a chain so he never wants to be left again, truly thrilled to have someone by his side. He is not good with cats and about 60 pounds. He was living an awful life in PA when a concerned dog lover stepped up to get him to a shelter and then he came to GHF. He requires a fenced yard.

Faith Summary:
 - male bc friend
 - fenced yard required


Faith in April
pulled from the home she was trapped in the basement for 3 months without food or water when her guardian died.
Faith's Angels
-Nancy & Greg Vorbach & GHF alum, Lupa
Judy Novak and Robert Verboski
-In loving memory of Annie Laurie from Helen Harrop and Lucy Maud
-Donna Ciarlante
-Susan Journell
-Mark Bauer and Joe Gordon
-Congratulations on your wedding,Rick & Cheryl Horan from Ravi & Rani!!

FAITH: A petite 3 year old Border Collie, Faith is a special girl with quite a story of survival. We’re happy to report that since her arrival in early April, literally on death’s door, Faith is now ready to start a new life. She has gone from completely malnourished to a gorgeous girl right at the perfect weight of 35 pounds. She has joined in herding games at GHF, blossoming into the dog she is meant to be. Faith is focused and curious about everything in life now. Her transformation has been miraculous - loving care; appropriate medical help; time and healing - now the next step - finding the person who will treasure her. All of her angel support made a world of difference for this sweet girl!

Faith is a soft, sensitive dog with people and will gently nudge your hand for attention or wag a tight tail a tiny bit, hoping it’s ok to say hello. We are pretty certain her previous life was a mixed bag of less than ideal treatment. She goes into worry mode if people are too loud and she ducks away when pressured too quickly to do anything. Faith needs a patient, calm life with softer people who help her rebuild a sense of trust that life is good. Her gentle nature is so obvious upon meeting her and yet, that deep worry is just under the surface so finding just the right fit is critical for her future healing and growth.

With other Border Collies, Faith is a little herding ‘monster’, grabbing heels and controlling all the action so we’d like to have one male pal for her who is relaxed and easy going. She’s clearly used to having a dog friend but being a female, she can be a strong willed herding controller! She has minimal interest in toys right now but is showing promise, again with time. She is fine with cats. This loving girl is blossoming beautifully!

Bud Summary:
 - fenced yard required
 - solo dog OK
 - rural setting required


Special thanks to Carolyn & Dick Dumaresq, Vanessa Ayres, Sue Myers and Roxanne Shank for getting Buddy to GHF and Jane Locacio for coordinating the transport. And, thanks to Erica Snyder for handling the intake process.
Bud's Angels
-Bill, Marilyn, Gabe, Jakki and GHF alum Nicky

BUD: A 3 1/2 year old Border Collie, Bud is a good-natured guy who loves his toys! He will thoroughly enjoy a great ball game or lots of squeaky toys, even entertaining himself. A real toy nut, his joy is contagious, clearly one happy boy! Bud is not as intense as many BC’s, and would be happy in a great fenced yard to call his own with someone who adores him. Quite the cuddler, too, he is very affectionate, loving to be on the couch by your side. Bud is fine with other dogs though really loves to have his own toys and not share so will be happiest as a solo dog at home. He did not have a fenced yard in his previous home so was in an outdoor kennel or tied out. Bud has truly blossomed with the freedom to run free at GHF . He is fine with cats and about 40 pounds. Bud has some interest in watching cars which makes sense considering that was his ‘job’ while alone outside. He’ll do best in a more rural setting where traffic is not visually obvious. Bud came to GHF from a PA guardian who had him since a puppy and felt he needed a more appropriate situation. He requires a fenced yard in a rural setting.

Haley Summary:
 - fenced yard REQUIRED
 - solo dog
 - more rural home setting
 - NO cats


Haley's Angel
-Cappy's Woods
HALEY: A 4 year old Border Collie, Haley is a gorgeous girl with lots of energy to race and chase and play! She’s active like any BC this age and she wants something to DO so will need a BC savvy guardian who understands her needs. She loves people and bonds quickly, eager to be with her person, side by side for whatever activities can be done together. Haley is focused and smart and very observant, a delightfully confident girl. She keeps tabs on everything around, including cars so will need to live in a more rural setting, with a fenced yard where traffic is not in sight. She is a strong female so likely best as a solo dog. She is not good with cats and Haley is about 40 pounds. She came to GHF from a PA shelter, moved north after having puppies.

Special thanks to Ellen Simcik, Joanne Cook, Tony & Debbie Grassi, Donnie Ross and Erica Snyder for transporting Haley to GHF

Haley is such a character with unbelievable talent to make us all chuckle!

Asia Summary:
 - solo dog


Asia's Angels
Deby Myers & GHF alum, Quill
ASIA: A 4 year old Border Collie, Asia is one cool girl, she is a classic BC in mind and body, ready to go! She loves toys, especially the ball and frisbee and she’s fast and focused, just waiting for another catch. Asia is very smart, learns fast and adjusts well to new situations, handling her new life at GHF really well. Asia loves people! She is clearly enjoying being the center of attention since previously she had to share the home with two other females which often created tension and conflict. We’re happy to have Asia here and watch her blossom, coming into her own. She listens beautifully, aims to please and loves a challenge. She would be a great hiking partner and would in fact, love being with her person everywhere they go! She is good with cats and about 40 pounds. She was relinquished to GHF due to the dog conflicts. We can see that Asia would love being the solo dog in her next home!

Special thanks to Erica Snyder, Sue Myers and Krysta Barnhart for making it possible for Asia to land at GHF. And thanks to Jane Locacio for handling all the coordination involved in transport.

Carsen Summary:
 - fenced yard required
 - solo dog
 - rural setting required
 - savvy guardian needed


Carsen's Angels
-Cheryl Fortier and Rick Horan

CARSEN: A 4 year old Border Collie, Carsen is a focused ball boy! He just loves toss after toss after toss and he’s quite the athlete. He’s also unbelievable with a frisbee game and clearly shows his body/mind awareness, gorgeous to watch. Carsen is very happy with toy activities and also loves to cuddle with someone he knows, so loving and affectionate however he has some worries if pushed too fast to do a ’normal life’ activity. He will need a patient guardian who makes new things a positive, using treats and time, not rushing him through anything. Carsen is very sensitive and smart so responds well to having a person as his guide. New things like car rides, walks in town or big groups of people can surprise him since he's been isolated in his previous life left alone in a kennel. He’s bravely tackling whatever is asked of him and is it’s very touching to see him rely on the person with him, truly a loving dog. Carsen is extremely affectionate so clearly was someone’s dog though they sadly abandoned him for 2 years. Seems the previous guardian sold his home, leaving him in outside kennel in NJ, even though the new buyer didn’t want him. Thankfully, he’s made it to GHF. Carsen is quite an amazing BC, a big time cuddler and hugger, literally a body hug to say hello! He will surely blossom with someone patient in a calmer setting. He is about 40 pounds and good with cats. He will only be placed in a fenced yard and with BC savvy adopters

Special thanks to Cindy Rollins, Paula & Jack Branaird for making sure Carsen made it to rescue.

Mia Summary:
 - fenced yard required
 - dog savvy cats
 - solo dog or canine friend
 - savvy guardian needed


Special thanks to Ellen Simcik and Erica Snyder for getting Mia to GHF. 
Mia's Angels
-Cappy’s Woods

MIA: A 4 year old Border Collie mix, Mia is a loving girl with the person she knows and trusts, even making quite the squeal of happiness - a high-pitched hello that’s adorable and full of joy - just saying I love you! She is a sensitive girl so once she feels secure, all that love comes pouring out but until then, she needs someone patient to help her with new people. She can be very worried with strangers and uncomfortable if overwhelmed so will do best with a savvy guardian who knows how to shape her confidence. She’s had to meet a lot of new people at GHF and is getting more comfortable day by day but clearly, she’s used to happily being in a home and can’t wait for that life again. She lived with other dogs but seems more content as as solo dog, really bonded to her person. The right submissive and confident male dog could be great to make Mia more comfortable with new settings. Mia is about 40 pounds and best with dog savvy cats since she’s prone to chase, though not hurt them. She was relinquished to GHF when her PA guardians felt she would be happiest without the pack of dogs in their home. She requires a fenced yard.

  We are beyond thrilled for ACE to finally find the love he so deserves, with two guardians who truly want to help him blossom even further. His new FurMom and FurDad were drawn to this gorgeous boy and felt they had the patience and love and caring to give him what he never had before - a real home with appropriate human contact. Ace warmed up to them instantly, spent the night in the GHF adoption center and never looked back, happy to be the center of their world. This marvelous Border Collie will be cherished, rather than cast aside alone 24/7. He bravely grew at GHF, step by step, learning the simple things he had never had a chance to do like riding in a car; walking down a street; or cuddling with a person and now, he’ll have the rest of his life to experience even more.

We are so grateful that special adopters can see the potential in dogs like Ace…so many Border Collies currently at GHF have been left outside in pens or chained, alone day in and day out, totally unloved. ACE HAS ALL THAT BEHIND HIM NOW!!

ACE: A 6 year old Border Collie, Ace is a gentle guy who turns to people for reassurance, sweetly by your side. Wherever you go for a walk outside, he’s right there, step by step. He is friendly and loves attention, happy to be with someone. Ace will need a patient guardian who doesn’t rush him into new situations since he lived a pretty sheltered life in a dog ‘house’ outside rather than in the home. He is adjusting beautifully, loving his soft bed and new toys, really an easy guy to enjoy. He loves to go for walks and is enjoying new experiences. Ace doesn’t demand much except kindness and will nudge you for another touch. He is not good with cats and about 45 pounds. Ace & Arlo came to GHF from PA since both were escaping the chain link pen where they were confined. He requires a fenced yard.

Murphy Summary:
 - solo dog
 - fenced yard required


Murphy's Angel
  -Liz and Al Bush and GHF alum Shane and Kenai

MURPHY: A 6 year old Border Collie mix, Murphy is a super nice guy and really happy to hang with his person, especially if there could be a ball toss coming his way! Quite the ball nut, he enjoys all kinds of toys but especially a retrieval game. When you stop playing, he gives a good woof and howl to tell you he wants more!! He is a good natured, easy going dog, not as intense as a purebred though just as smart. Murphy relaxes easily inside and is joyful bounding around outside, exploring. His previous NJ guardian lost his home, leaving Murphy homeless, too. While it’s not ideal that he isn’t living the life he is used to, he is most certainly LOVING having a fenced yard for freedom. He’s been a delight to watch as he dashes out the door, head high, for a jaunt through the Farm fields. But, no matter how far he runs, he always wants to know you are right nearby, happiest with his person. Murphy is about 50 pounds, a bit overweight and is not good with cats. Murphy is very bold meeting new dogs so can overwhelm them and would do best as a solo dog.He requires a fenced yard

Capp Summary:
- fenced yard REQUIRED
 - special needs


Capp can track a rolled ball passing 2-3 feet in front of him outside and inside, he’ll lay down with his front paws together and the ball sitting on top and he’ll roll or chomp on it. He will often play with the ball on his own inside!
Capp's Angels
-from Doc, Rosie, Pete, and Renate

-Peg and Mike Fuller

CAPP: An 8 year old Border Collie, Capp is a lovely guy, gentle and mellow, partly because of his compromised eye sight. He is almost totally blind though can still navigate outside in a big yard with trees, managing around them, being directed verbally by someone he knows. He loves to explore and will happily accompany his person for a jaunt around, being a very content Border Collie. Cornell ophthalmology confirmed Capp has Progressive Retinal Atrophy and cataracts so has no use of one eye and some ability to see shadows in the other eye. Eventually, he will loose all his sight.

For the last two years, he was herding cows on a farm in NY, living in the barn and did a great job moving the cows along with a couple other herding dogs. Prior to that, he lived in a home, sleeping in the bed of his first guardian, a beloved companion. Capp has experienced both worlds and now finds himself in rescue hopefully about to start another journey with someone new. He is a bit worried meeting strangers so will need patient guardians who don’t rush him. Being approached too quickly makes him want to move away but once a person sits down and calls him over, he will come and ask for attention. A calmer household would be best for him. Capp is fine with cats and good with submissive dogs who don’t overwhelm him. As you would expect, his world is changing so easy dogs and easy people help him feel more secure. Capp is about 50 pounds and requires a fenced yard.

Capp loves his toy raccon so much, he carries it around all the time and of course, right to bed, too!

COOKIE needs Angels - click here for more info
Cookie Summary:
 - canine friend or solo dog OK


COOKIE: An 11 year old Border Collie, Cookie is a delightful guy, so happy to be around people and play with his ball. He is classic in every way…outgoing, friendly and a little sensitive, too…just the way Border Collies can be when they are intuitive and relationship oriented. Cookie fits in easily with other Border Collies and is used to living with a strong female though happily adjusts to whichever dogs are around. He is quite the cuddler and charmer, winning everyone’s interest instantly. Every person who helped transport Cookie back to GHF as well as our vet, just adored him. Cookie was at GHF in 2011 and found a loving home in New Hampshire for many years, but with his guardian’s move to an urban area in Kansas, she felt it was unfair for him to remain with her. We are very happy to help Cookie with his next step in life and know he will share his heart fully and be a very special friend to someone. He is about 40 pounds and good with cats.

Very special thanks to long-distance transporters Carol Fagan, Tony Zamberlan and Kim Steward (who overnighted Cookie in PA) and to Gail Hurley and Todd Leppert. 

Also, thanks to Ken and Elaine Shuck who overnighted Cookie in IN and received a special gift from him (read the Dear Clancy post) in Ken’s blog.  Cookie traveled a total of 1597 miles to get back to GHF.

KELLY needs Angels - click here for more info
Kelly Summary:
 - solo dog OK


KELLY: An 11 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Kelly is an amazing girl, bright as can be and just full of that classic sharp-eyed, ready to go, gonna have fun BC spirit! She is a gem. Kelly is also a very active, intense, energetic girl in no way acting her age so she deserves a great life where someone enjoys all this joyful energy! She loves her ball and will play endlessly though a little bit of down time is good, too, where she shows her more affectionate side. Super sweet and friendly, Kelly is a great companion, able to hike off leash though has never lived unfenced. Kelly just had a summer clip so her longer hair will return soon, making her as beautiful as she is smart! She is fine with cats, fine with dogs but used to living as a solo dog so likely happiest that way. Kelly was relinquished to GHF from NJ guardians who had to make a move to an apartment.

MANDY needs Angels - click here for more info
Mandy Summary:
- fenced yard
 - solo dog
 - dog savvy cats


Mandy's Angels
-Brenda Hamm, in memory of GHF alum, Daisy Girl Charlotte
MANDY: An 11 year old Border Collie with ABCA papers, Mandy is a gorgeous girl who loves people more than anything at all..even the ball won’t deter her from being close by her person. She is super sweet and very loving, a devoted friend which she has been all her years til the loss of her person. Mandy is making great strides with all the change around her and truly enjoying the activity and attention of a more active life, blossoming before our eyes. She is full of spunk and curiosity and would easily join someone in a new life, especially a guardian who appreciates the wisdom of the senior BC’s.. Mandy is a very special girl with a huge heart she wants to share again…we can clearly feel that. Mandy is also a strong female BC so best as a solo dog though in her history, did visit dog parks. At this point, dogs are the last thing she desires. Mandy is about 40 pounds and best with dog savvy cats.

Special thanks to Cindy Rollins who quickly pulled Mandy out of a PA shelter where she had sadly landed.

Also a big thanks to Kathy Devaney, Carol Cunningham, Sue Myers and our Transport Coordinator, Jane Locacio  who made it possible for Mandy to make it to GHF.

LACEY needs Angels - click here for more info
We have medical care that is long overdue

Also a big thanks to Kathy Devaney, Carol Cunningham, Sue Myers and our Transport Coordinator, Jane Locacio  who made it possible for Lacy to make it to GHF.
Lacey's Angels
-Rebecca Plantz
Deb Meyers & GHF alum, Logi
-In celebration of two years with our Maggie, Lydia & John Henshaw
-Ray & Patty Fasullo in honor of the Fortier-Horan Wedding

 LACEY is going to live her life at GHF, where she can befriend plenty of folks who adore her; watch over the big yard to see who is coming and going and safely live with people who truly understand her quirks. With some serious food guarding traits and handling issues, it’s clear Lacey will thrive in the hands of experienced Caretakers at GHF. She is enjoying her life as the “office dog”, happily part of the non-stop action all week long. Then, on weekends, she gets to check out the acres and acres of GHF to be sure all is in line there, too! Lacey is a hoot!! We welcome this big personality character to keep us on our toes for years to come!!!

LACEY: A 12 year old Border Collie, Lacey is a petite girl with a big personality, absolutely a love-bug with everyone. She says hello like she’s a long time pal, happy for attention. She is very observant and bright-eyed, paying attention with that classic BC mind. Lacey is enjoying the new experience of being the Office Dog at GHF since she sure loves people and is not so good with other dogs, so her new life is suiting her well! She lived in one home since a pup but the recent addition of a grandchild was not a good combination so she was separated living in the basement alone. Fortunately, Lacey is now part of the action with lots to watch and do. She was relinquished to GHF from PA. She is about 35 pounds and best with dog savvy cats.


A trio of seniors needed safety in rescue so when the call came, we of course said yes! They are delightful, super sweet and just full of spunk!  

These remarkably smart, attentive BC’s are so happy about everything, all you can do is smile soon as you spend a minute with them! This marvelous trio is remarkable. They clearly were adored and well-cared for, living on a farm where they met lots of people and got lots of attention. They are easy-going and very good natured.

We will consider the option of Magg being adopted alone.  Also, under consideration is Mac & Molly being adopted together or perhaps, with other dogs. Their lab work shows they are in great medical condition and very adoptable.

Angels for the Trio
-Stephanie DeBottis, in loving memory of Cole Springer, Steff's brother and GHF alums Kip and Gracie's Fur Uncle.
-Steff & Jim Debottis
-Renate & Pete Goodloe
-Norton & Sandy Sloan
-Pat and Bob Reath
-In Loving Memory of Jasmine- John & Bonnie Yurga
MAGG Summary:
- Solo dog - OK


MAGG, a 12 year old, is a sensitive, thoughtful girl who observes everything and absolutely adores people. Her favorite place to be is right by your side, like a shadow, the closer the better. This sweetheart would be thrilled to have someone to call her own, again. And, while she has shared her life with Mac & Molly, clearly her happiness comes from the connection with a person. We would love for Magg to be the center of someone’s life cause she gives her heart so fully. She is about 45 pounds and good with cats.
MOLLY Summary:
-w/ MAC or perhaps another dog


MOLLY, a 12 year old, is a classic BC, watching everything that goes on, well aware of the whole Farm. She’s the first to head to the fence line, hoping to say hello and get a look at the action. Molly is sharp as can be, brilliant! She is physically in great shape, very athletic and would love to accompany her person on hikes. Her recall is great.  Molly loves everyone she meets and is used to having Mac as her pal.  While she might do just fine alone, we do feel that Mac & Molly really have a long standing relationship that is pretty special.  Molly is about 40 pounds and good with cats.  If you are interested in just Molly, please inquire.

MAC Summary:
 - with Molly
 - NO cats


Angels for Mac
Patti & Ron Fousek, Aspen & Lucy

MAC, a 13 year old, is a hoot! He is full of personality and makes you laugh any time you watch him in action. A super friendly guy, he will happily follow his person anywhere or head off for a good romp with Molly. She is the leader and he’s just fine with that though he does give her a little test, egging her on for some play. But, soon as the toys are out, he just loves the squeekies and will play endlessly. Mac is very easy going. Originally bought from Hawaii, his great nature is obvious. He is not good with cats and about 50 pounds.

These wonderful good-natured Border Collies came to GHF due to the elderly’s guardian’s move to a nursing home. They’ve lived together all their lives on a small farm in PA, bought from a breeder in Florida.  A family member acted to insure they would be cared for properly.  They all have summer clips so we’re curious to see those gorgeous coats grow back! 

Special thanks to Erica Snyder who heard about them from a co-worker and helped them make it to GHF. Also, a big thanks to Sue Myers, Todd Leppert and Jane Locacio who helped make the transport possible. Without kind-hearted people willing to give up their Saturday to get them north, these three would not have landed so well.

The Farmhouse Sanctuary residents will live out their lives at the Farm.
Please consider supporting their care by being an angel. 
We will need ongoing financial assistance for their needs.

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Meet the wonderful residents of THE FARMHOUSE SANCTUARY 
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Capp - 8 yr old

Mandy - 11 yr old

Kelly - 11 yr old

Cookie - 11 yr old

Magg - 12 yr old

Molly - 12 yr old

Mac - 13 yr old


Ana - 6 yr old

Frannie - 10 yr old

Betsie - 12 yr old

Lacey - 12 yr old

Smokey - 13 yr old

Shilo - 13 yr old

Cassy - 16 yr old

Bo - 18 yr old


our costs are very high for their care so having your help is critical!

Tatyana Allen
Betty & Tom Bunch
Vicki Buono
Sue Campion
Lisa Cousins
Steff & Jim DeBottis
Renate & Pete Goodloe
Michelle Ouellette
Pat and Bob Reath
Andrea Rising
Norton & Sandy Sloan
Torrence VanReenen
Laura Wingrove
Julie Wolf

Bella Summary:
 - canine friend preferred
 - fenced yard required
 - NO cats


Special thanks to Marybeth Powers, Krysta Barnhart and Sue Myers who made it possible for Bella to make it to GHF. and as always, thanks to Jane Locacio who coordinates all our transports
Bella's Angels
-Jane Biberman
Wendy Macfarland
BELLA: TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE A very petite 1 year old Border Collie mix, Bella is a shy girl, very skittish at first but once settled into a home with her person, sweet as can be! She is really gentle and loves to play with another dog who is easy going and young. She is so small that a dog similar in size seems to suit her best. Bella loves attention from the person she trusts and very sweetly nudges you for more touching but she’s not a girl who will befriend everyone. Instead, she will retreat to try to understand what’s happening. She will only be placed in a calmer setting in an adult home to help her confidence grow. Bella was abandoned in a PA shelter when her guardian didn’t have enough time for her. The shelter experience added to her worries so we are hoping, with more time at GHF, she’ll relax and enjoy herself better. She is about 30 pounds and not good with cats.

ELLE needs  an Angel - click here for more info
Elle Summary:
 - fenced yard required


ELLE: TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE A petite 2 year old Border Collie, Elle is precious, just a sweet little thing that wants nothing more than to be with a person that cares for her. A real cuddler, soon as you sit with her, she lays at your feet and settles in beautifully, even enjoying a good roll in the grass! There’s good reason she feels this way, left on a 12 inch chain in a cow barn, all alone and no freedom to move. Elle didn’t herd so not really sure the point of having her there but she did produce a litter of pups which meant money so perhaps that’s why. Either way, we are thankful for a dog lover who spotted her and alerted GHF that she was not wanted. We are very happy to help this adorable girl and in fact, we’re 100% sure she is a puppy from mom Layla who we had here last year. The geographic area is the same and the looks and attitude are the same…gotta be! Elle has just arrived so needs some time to find her way before we update her bio. She is about 30 pounds and not yet tested on cats. She requires a fenced yard.

Her neck will heal with antibiotics and time since she no longer has the tight, thick leather collar there.

Special thanks to Robin, Michelle and Kerry who helped get Elle to GHF safely.

Maggie Summary:
 - fenced yard required


Maggie's Angels
-Cappy’s Woods
-Leslie, Whitley and Merlin Wehr
-Esther & Andrew Morrow & GHF alum, Rudy
MAGGIE: TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE  A 2 year old Border Collie, Maggie is not only a gorgeous girl, she is an innocent soul who will surely blossom with time at GHF. She so wants attention but is so worried about the pressure of a simple look her way or touch of a hand she cannot trust. Clearly, Maggie has had a rough situation with respect to humans however a glimmer of trust is there, step by step. The best part right now is all the fun she’s having running, running, running…just as fast as she can speed around the field, in complete JOY! Maggie spent all but 5 months of her young life chained in a farmyard, doing nothing, with no one. So, life is now moving in the right direction! She’s barking when she sees us in the distance and she’s bravely speeding past us to head out the door to enjoy some freedom! And, once outside, it’s pure glee!!! We are celebrating every little step and applauding the courage of this sweet one but she will need awhile to find some balance and become ready for the big world. Maggie was dropped off at a NY shelter by someone who purchased her but realized she could not meet her needs. Thankfully, the shelter works with GHF and Maggie is now here. Whatever it takes, we’re on Maggie’s team!!! She is about 35 pounds and good with cats.

Special thanks to Donna Deal, Phil & Linda Brambley and Tracy Beck for getting Maggie to GHF

Victor Summary:
 - fenced yard required


Special thanks to Ellen Simcik, Erica Snyder, Borden Loving, Phillip Dalke, Sue Myers and Debbi & Tony Grassi who made it possible for Victor to make it from Pittsburgh to GHF.  As always, a big thanks to Jane Locacio for handling all the coordination of this important transport. It always takes a village!
Vic's Angels
-John & Bonnie Yurga
-In Loving Memory of Oscar
-Bill Gebert & GHF alum, Peyton

VIC (VICTOR!) TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE  is a 3 year old Border Collie aptly named because he survived against all odds. His previous guardian died in January, leaving Vic left outside in the yard to fend for himself. Victor did just that, sliding under the fence and finding food and water so when police came to check on the house, he was in relatively good shape (and back within the fence). The other Border Collie, Faith, did not fare as well, stuck in the basement for three months. (see Faith’s bio) We want to give Vic some time to adjust, rebalance and connect to people who are consistently caring for him properly. He’s a sweet guy with a curious nature but also a bit skittish right now. He is about 45 pounds and is good with cats. We’ll update his bio as time unfolds. The previous guardian and related family members bred BC’s, fighting pitbulls and fighting chickens so was not considered animal friendly by the local Pittsburgh shelter or Animal Control.

Special thanks to Ellen & Andy Simcik for fostering Vic to give him some home experiences and consistent connection to people.

SAMMIE & CASEY need Angels - click here for more info
Sammie & Casey Summary:
 - adopted together
 - fenced yard required
 - NO cats



Special thanks go to Linda Lukens for providing the post of the dogs in need, Jackie Sebastian at MWBCR for coordinating in the field help and for temperament testing them. Also, Ken and Elaine Shuck for picking these sweeties up, north of Chicago, and keeping them for nearly a week at their farm in IN. Then, to Kim Steward who brought them from IN to PA, and finally Gail Hurley and Todd Leppert who drove the remaining miles of this over 1000 mile journey. And, as always, we are ever grateful to Jane Locacio, our volunteer Transport Coordinator who makes it all work!

Sammie & Casey Angels
-Cheryl Fortier's and Rick Horan's wedding guests July 1, 2017
SAMMIE & CASEY TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE  are 9 year old sisters who love everyone they meet, truly the friendliest pair of Border Collies! They love their toys too and will enjoy a good game of play as long as you want to toss the toy. Both are so good-natured and easy going, happy to be loved and give lots of affectionate right back. They landed in rescue due to the death of both elderly guardians. They were beloved companions and lived in one home since puppies. They’ve got some weight to loose from the inactive years of recent past and are happily exploring at GHF, eager to check out their new world. They are truly wonderful dogs. Casey, the black and white, has the longest tongue so we captured one of our usual poses!!! GHF stepped in to help them when they were posted on a BC board covering the Chicago area. We intend to find them a new home together since they get along well and have worked out a solid understanding of their friendship. They are not good with cats and have only lived in a fenced yard.

We want to shout out a HUGE thanks to all the many volunteers who made it possible for them to find safety at the Farm.

who kindly help ALL the dogs at GHF on a continual basis. 
We are deeply grateful to you all.

Pamela Adsit
Carol Andrews
Dave & Diane Behlen
Dylan Behlen
 Shannon Blydenburgh
Kim & Steve Brant
Sam Bristol
Betty & Tom Bunch
Dominick Berhow
Eileen & Denis Byrne
Joseph Depirri III
Wendy Donoghue
Linda Dragoo
Karen Edwards
Rolayne & Gary Fickes
Robyn Fontaine
Laurent Gaudry & Elena Shifflette
Jim Gordon
Kim Grike
Karen & Wayne Groteke
Mary Huber
Janet James
Donald & Barbara Johns
Marian Bradshaw Knapton
Kathleen Long
Kathryn Malley

Nina & Mike Marciniszyn
John Marcus
Jim & Kathy Milavec
Carol Miller
Kathleen Molatch
Alison Morgan
Sandra Nicholson
Nancy Ralph
Jim & LeAnn Russell
Jim and Pam Sacks
Katherine Silta
Stacey & John Simon
Kimberly  Smith
Terri & Charles Smith
Rebecca Symmes
Zoraida Vaher
Lisa Vaughn
 Sharon & Jim Votraw
Susan Walenta-Hunt
Pamela Whitlock
Linda  Wood
Tory VanReenen
Yvonne Vertleib
Don & Sandy White
Lynda Yoder
John & Bonnie Yurga


 substantial general donations are truly so helpful
with the costly care we provide for ALL the dogs!

Tracey Akitt
Marylee Ashby
Cathy & Steve Bouck
Parke & Karen Byron
Jeanie Burton
Sue Campion
Irene Denver
Cheryl Fortier
David & Barbara Francis
Keri Gardner
Renate & Peter Goodloe
Carlo & Joanna Grossman
Patricia Hammel
Kathy & Mike Hoar
Jim & Karen Hormel
Sarah Hoger & Glenn Watson

Eve Ehrlich & Steve Jensen
Sue & Dave Luther
Boryana Marinova
Brian & Mary McNally
Brian & Amy O’Malley
Brent Omland & Anne Edmonds
Frank & Ann Reed
Brian Riley
Sally & David Rojek
Dale & Doug Rutherford
Cheryl Sedestrom
John Sims
Stacey & John Van Slyke
Harton Smith & Mary Bandura
Jane & David Stover
Nancy & Greg Vorbach

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