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Many dogs arrive at the Farm and need to stay awhile in order to rebuild their trust in humans or be better socialized with other dogs and/or people.  Their issues are often not big ones but the time they need here can last anywhere from one month to several years.
Additionally, almost many of the dogs coming into rescue have issues with men. This always surprises people but if you think for a moment...women don't generally hit dogs...men do, so the dogs carry that fear into this situation based on their history.  It can often take months to help them trust, which is what John painstakingly tackles. 

One dog was so terrified that it took John 3 hours, just sitting in the car, before the dog would even move from the back of the truck.  He was paralyzed with fear just by John's presence.  Slowly but surely, day after day, literally hour after hour, he grew to trust John. 

Our philosophy is to give these dogs the time they need to recalibrate their behaviors and learn new associations with people.  The cost of ongoing care is high.  Just like any family dog, needs arise and we must handle them, whether it's antibiotics, blood chemistry analysis, or shots, these dogs require more from us.

We estimate $350 a for a 6 month stay at the Farm as our cost of care for every dog entering the Farm.  Some costs are much higher, especially with the Seniors in the Farmhouse Sanctuary. Please choose a dog that pulls at your heart and we'll happily apply your funds to their care and update  you accordingly, especially when they are adopted!

Send your check or money order for $350.00, 
please include with the dogs name:

Glen Highland Farm
217 Pegg Road
Morris, NY  13808

Or click here to process an on-line credit card

All of the Glen Highland Farm angels will tell you - they feel connected to "their" dog, (they've never met in person),  long after the dog and it's "Big Red Heart" has been moved to the success stories.  Our angels are drawn to a certain dog for many reasons....  a memory, a look in the eye, the age, or their story.  Some of our angels just want to be part of the program, and send their support to the dog that needs it the most.....  whether you want to participate once - for one dog - or several times, as the dogs pull at you  - please participate. 

We are hoping to have angels "flying" next to every dog's picture.... is there a dog at the Farm that is pulling at your heart?? 
With ever increasing costs year after year, we've had to adjust the ANGEL program to now cover a 6 month period which more realistically represents true costs of a dog's needs so for $350 (less then $2/day) - you can matter in the life of a dog - Receive an "angel card" and adoption updates from your dog.....  or for just $30/month - sponsor a dog waiting at the Farm. 
(click here for on-line payment)

Click Here to see the available dogs....  let's give them ALL angels!


Contact the Farm rescue@glenhighlandfarm.com
Glen Highland Farm
217 Pegg Rd, Morris, NY  13808
Phone: (607)263-5415  Fax:  (607)263-5325